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Naruto Bloodlines and Bloodline Limit

These are the few bloodlines and bloodline limits from Naruto. If you don't think they are correct, contact me and I'll correct it. I tried to be as descriptive as possible, so enjoy.


Sharingan is an Uchiha bloodline limit, the power comes from one's pupils. It allows the user to predict enemy movement, and use high level hallucination techniques. It can see through the opponents genjutsu, taijutsu, and ninjutsu and cancel their effects. It also allows the user to copy the opponents techniques. It also seems like Sharingan can be combined with other techinques that only Sharingan users are able to use. People say that Sharingan was a branch off of Byakugan. The skill is possesed by certain people from the clan Uchiha. Presently, only three people have the ability to use this skill. Sasuke, Itachi and Kakashi. Although, Kakashi can use it he's not apart of the Uchiha clan and his ability to use it is not as complete as Sasuke or Itachi because he only has it on one eye.


Byakugan is a bloodline limit possessed by Hyuuga clan. We know Hyuuga Neji well, and he is one of the users that can use this ability. This ability allows the user to have 360 degree vision, see people's chakra circulartory system, see many more things. There is however a flaw. There's a blind spot that every Byakugan possess, or at least that was what Neji had demonstrated. It was said that Byakugan is superior to Sharingan, but in my opinion it Sharingan sure can rock Byakugan.

Mirror of Ice Crystals

This was Haku's bloodline limit. There's not too much information about it, but we witness this technique in episode 13. Although the name is "mirror" it doesn't reflect anyone's image but Haku's. Haku seems to merge himself into the mirrors. The mirrors allow Haku to travel at incredible speeds that normal opponents cannot see with their eyes. This bloodline limit originated from the Hidden village of Mist.

Chakra Bugs

This technique really grossed me out. This bloodline limit is possessed by the Aburame clan. The users of this technique allows enormous amounts of insects to live inside their body feeding on their chakra, and uses them to fight. The bugs are controlled by the users minds, and they consume the opponents chakra. The bugs are small so it is hard for the opponent to detect. The bugs are called Kikai bugs.


The Akimachi family is able to perform a powerful multi-sizing technique, by doing so their body size and mass may multiply at will. Don't worry; they're able to return to their original form as well! Their abilities require an exorbitant amount of chakra, which they store in their body by piling up calories. The amount of calories that they store also enables them to use powerful medicines, which grant them additional power. Akimachis have a common bodily feature which is that they are rather obese, or big-boned.

Shadow Harness

The Nara clan is most comfortable at attacking within the darkness, because they have the power to control shadows. However, shadows aren't found everywhere and because of this they can't solely relay on their bloodline, they need to be able to use their brains to devise a strategy. Shadows can be bent twisted and moved into any direction, the only downfall is that they move slower than a slug in daylight. By harnessing the power of shadow they can control their enemies or strangle them with inhuman strength.


The Hoshigaki are a clan that resemble sharks, due to their pale blue skin and gilled faces. Much about this clan is mysterious at the moment. However, I do presume that they have a tactical advantage within the water, are skilled at using water jutsus, and taste great baked with lemon.


Quite a strange technique! The Kumo clan is easily distinguished by their strange physique, they have four arms and use spider-like techniques such as web spinning. Rather than spitting webs from their anus like spiders do, they shoot webs out from their mouths. These webs aren't your ordinary threads, they're actually stronger than steel. Webs can be solidified into weapons as well; this includes knives, bows, and arrows. You wouldn't want to get into a sticky situation with these guys.

Bone Arsenal

The Kaguya family is easily distinguished by the red markings above their eyes. Their bloodline is powerful because they can attack and defend by using their bones which are stronger than steel. Average humans possess 206 bones, however Kaguyas have hyper speed cellular reproductions so they're able to create new bones and heal extra fast. Bones can be shot out as darts through the fingers, formed into sharpened swords or spears, and even created into armor plates to be hidden beneath the skin and flesh. Thus, they have an endless arsenal; their bodies are weapons. I wonder if they drink a lot of milk?